Amazing. The MaidSafe as an anti-censorship system has so nasty censorship at its forum (2 links per post, max. 3 posts per thread for new users) that I have to write some of my comment at an HTML-file at my own site. God! Nice start!

Anyways, The rest of my comment parts (4 and 5 combined):

The Tucker Taft is excellent at what he does, but he is similar to the Pascal creator, Niklaus Wirth in a sense that he is not that good at creating a nice web page for his crown jewels, so just like Niklaus Wirth has a fan site I created a "fan site" (mainly for my own personal use) about Tucker Taft's ParaSail.

I also have a blog post titled: "The Future of Security Audits, Episode 0"

Thank You for Reading.