Lightning Messaging Protocol (LightMSGP)

The Lightning Messaging Protocol (hereafter: LightMSGP) is a specification of an application level messaging architecture that aims to be simplistic and lightweight enough to be used within a single application and advanced enough to abstract away the complexities of network communication that takes place within a single web application. It only covers routing and data format.

LightMSGP Specification Version 0 (LightMSGP_v0)

LightMSGP_v0 is a LightMSGP version has been designed by trial and error during the evolution of the Raudrohi JavaScript Library(RJSL) and its predecessors. It is not the very first LightMSGP version that wrote. LightMSGP_v0 is defined in a hopefully-soon-to-be-deprecated portion of the RJSL.

As the LightMSGP_v0 is scheduled to be deprecated and a bit of a mess, there is no point of describing it here.

LightMSGP Specification Version 1 (LightMSGP_v1)

LightMSGP_v1 is a cleanup and generalization of LightMSGP_v0, but ITS ROUTING ALGORITHM IS FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED!!!. The credits for finding (2013_05_30) the flaw goes to Juhan-Peep Ernits.

LightMSGP Specification Version 2 (LightMSGP_v2)

As of October 2015 the LightMSGP_v2 is a work in progress that lacks a full implementation.

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