Bee-sting Access Rights Specification (BARS)

The Bee-sting Access Rights Specification (hereafter: BARS) describes an encoding scheme of a set of mappings that exists between users and resources (hereafter: artifacts).

Illustration of a single mapping. For example, "read rights".

Often applications use more than one mapping simultaneously. For example, there are "read rights", "append rights", "deletion rights", etc. Artifact types vary. Some artifacts might be documents, user records. Other artifacts might be administration interfaces, individual functions of some hardware, etc.

Bee-sting Access Rights Specification Version 0 (BARS_v0)

Relations between records.

A boolean function, b_user_has_access_to_artifact(user,artifact) returns true only, if any of the user-groups of the given user has access to any of the artifact-groups of the given artifact.